Friday, June 29, 2012

Where's Karl? FINAL CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!

This is not only the very last Mystery Location contest, but also a run-off for the winner!  Only people who've won a previous contest may compete in this final round.

Mystery Location #6: Where's Karl?

Clue #1: This photo was not taken in any of the parks or gardens you may have purposefully visited.  But sooner or later, you will probably have to pass through the location (broadly speaking), whether you want to or not.

1. The final winner will be the semi-finalist who first comments, on the blog, by email, or on Facebook, with a correct identification of the location.
2. You are on your honor not to plug the photo itself into a Google Image search, but you may use Google to work through the clues.

Good luck!


  1. Clue #2: It's not a morgue. That's not quite what we meant.

  2. Are you guys in that weird flora and fauna section of Les Halles? "Nature"!

  3. Karl is in the 27th-century moustache-zorcher that was recently unearthed under the site of the Bastille and moved for safekeeping to the rooftop garden of the Palais Royal. Google RULEZ.

  4. I'm not eligible, but I'm seconding Scott's answer anyway.

  5. Taking the hint "you will probably have to pass through the location" I guessed that it's transit related. Google searching "Paris subway garden" led me to the Paris Metro garden on line 14. Fingers crossed I am right!

    You know, I've been fortunate enough to have traveled a bit around northern Europe, visited Japan, spent a few weeks in East Africa, and am lucky to live in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. While I could easily live on French pastries & bread & wine & cheese and have always assumed I would go to Paris if offered the chance, it has never made it onto my lists of "places to visit as soon as I can". Your blog has really made me want to see the City of Lights! There are so many hidden treasures! I suppose those hidden treasures are what make most great cities so wonderful, though. I will miss this blog when you guys head home!

  6. SD: I WISH.
    LTV: Thanks! When you go, let us know, and we'll give you our complete list of recommendations.