Thursday, January 19, 2012

On Not Going Out in Paris

first bottle of wine on this Paris sojourn

Scott was sick in Rome, and Byron was sick in London. Karl got sick in London and brought it to Istanbul, where Scott was, and, as it turned out, was still a little bit sick. Karl coughed directly onto Alison's face, twice, at close range, though he had the excuse of being asleep. But it was Amy who got sick next. Back in London, Alison got sick, though it is entirely possible that she caught it from one (or a hundred) of the couple hundred thousand people who also had colds in London, Istanbul, Paris, on the planes, and in the Chunnel. Or from a passing Euro/lira/pound coin she'd licked. There are probabilities, and good ones too, but no certainty on this point, without genetic testing of germs.

What this means for you, O lucky readers, is that Karl and Alison aren't going anywhere in Paris. Not anywhere YOU want to hear about, that is, though they have already gone to the bank, to make a deposit! And to the FNAC in the otherwise earth-swallowingly purposeless mall at Les Halles, to pick up theater tickets bought online! And to the Bio for lettuce and a demi-litre of organic red wine, very fruity but very dry (5 euros, or $6.48), and to the Boulangerie Julien for their award-winning Baguette Tradition (1.15 euros, or $1.49)!

Which is to say, daily life in Paris has commenced. Daily Life in Paris is the reason we came here, and it is the reason we had time today to put together our travel blog and bring Le Prof and La Potiche into existence. There is no time for blogging (though there is, apparently, plenty of time for Facebook), when there are mosques to marvel at and puddings to eat and a bazillion cobbled steps to climb and even more whimsical ceramics to photograph--and friends, because friends are more important than the internet. But now La Potiche is sick, and Le Prof kindly declines to adventure without her, so they have put together this blog.

KTS washes up. Paris apartment

interior Paris apartment. wavy hands, clean teeth


  1. I love this blog already. Please post every two hours.

  2. A monkey's paw wish: you will hear more about maladies and mysterious sacs than you could ever have dreamed of.